Bridport Food Festival – Wonderful loose Leaf Tea

So, with the Bridport Food Festival opening tomorrow we thought it might be a good idea to bring you some info on what will be on offer. Of course we have our lovely loose leaf tea, and I’ll be telling you a little bit about some of it in a minute, but we will also have some other amazing items to help you enjoy that wonderful cop of tea.

A Little Bit Of Tea

So, lets get straight to the good stuff shall we? I thought I would just let you know a little bit about a small selection of the teas that will be available tomorrow. Don’t forget that a lot of our tea comes in both loose leaf and teabag form, so you can enjoy brewing it however you like.

First up is the always popular and ever wonderful Earl Grey.

Loose Leaf Organic Earl Grey


There really ins’t much to say about this tea other than (In our opinion) it is the best Earl Grey tea you will ever taste. This tea is a high-grown single estate (Greenfield) organic BOP – Broken Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea with organic oil of Bergamot and a dash of lime. The limes are organic and sourced from local smallholders on the Estate.

The flavour is exquisitely balanced so that the Bergamot and Lime doesn’t overpower the tea, but compliments it.

Next up is the quintessential Spicy Chai, hand blended in Bridport by us.Organic Loose Leaf Spicy Chai

The delightful combination of warming Organic spices and black tea. Just right after a frosty walk, or at any time to remind you of that holiday…..!

Spiced Chai can be made with water and then add a splash of milk or you can make a strong brew and then add boiled milk as a tea based alternative to hot chocolate!

Always use a full-fat milk with the milky version as the fats in the milk do something amazing to the spices (somehow releases the flavour more).

What about our wonderful Green Tea Sencha?Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea Sencha

Green Tea Sencha, light and refreshing.

This tea is an organic, fair-trade Ceylon tea from the Greenfield Estate. Green tea has been recognised for it’s many health benefits as well as having that lovely slightly grassy taste and aroma.

We recommend that you do not use boiling water, the optimum temperature for the water is 75º (Just boil the kettle as usual and let it cool for a few minutes!!) and infuse for only 3 minutes. This allows the best flavours to develop without bitterness.

Finally our delectable Organic Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Leaf Tea.Organic Lemongrass and Ginger Loose Leaf

Lovely Organic, Fair-trade Lemongrass and Ginger – a classic combination.

The ingredients for this herbal tea are all sourced on the Greenfield Estate as an additional income from local farmers.

The flavour is both zingy and warming at the same time – lovely and refreshing, and works well iced in the summer!

More Wonderful GoodiesTeapots and Teacups

Along with all of our wonderful teas, we will also have our full range of stunning teapots, cups and saucers, tea balls, strainers, spoons, caddies and much, much more.

All I can really say is this is going to be the best Bridport Food Festival yet, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

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